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Further: Is it the right programme for me?

June 11, 2024

Deciding how and when to invest in your professional development isn’t always an easy decision. Whether you’re toying with the idea of using your whole development budget in one hit, you need to ask your boss to sponsor you, or you’re struggling with the decision to prioritise your growth alongside business needs, we get it, it can be tough. 

If you want to ask your employer to sponsor your professional development, feel free to download our FREE template to get you started!

Further is our flagship leadership development programme at Coachable where we create coachable leaders. Having just opened the doors to the next open cohort of Further, we thought it be prudent to say that it’s NOT the right programme for everyone. We want everyone who joins the experience to be successful; to feel confident to coach their team and achieve the results they’re looking for. 

So, if you’re thinking of joining us, here’s everything you need to know that’ll help you decide if Further is right for you.

The Format

Our open programmes are just that: open to all organisations. We host small groups of senior leaders who are primarily (although not exclusively) working in tech and creative scale ups. You’ll benefit from the diverse perspectives, insights and experiences an open programme brings. We’re big believers that the breadth of experience people bring adds a real richness to the programme.

Pros: diverse perspectives, builds your professional network, see how other companies do things, a safe sounding board outside of your organisation 

Cons: less focus specifically on your organisation

Facilitation Style

All our programmes (open or in-house) are facilitated by executive coaches who work with a breadth of senior, experienced leaders including founders, executive directors, VPs as well as new and emerging leaders. Their role is to challenge your thinking and offer new perspectives. 

They’ll encourage you to challenge yourself about how you show up as a leader and to hold up the mirror as to where there are opportunities for you to have more positive impact. It’s not always comfortable, but you can know you have someone who has your back and will offer a safe, non-judgemental environment to do that (sometimes) uncomfortable thinking!

Our cohorts are intentionally small, typically between 8-12 people, giving you an intimate and highly personalised experience.

Pros: learn about yourself, step outside your comfort zone, opportunity for transformational growth, highly participatory

Cons: challenged to stretch your comfort zone, we won’t do it for you!

Here's our co-founder Liz giving you a little flavour of what Further is all about:

Commitment Required

Further is fully accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management and you’ll enjoy digital credentials, access to their suite of award-winning resources and get to use the post-nominal letters MIoL to indicate their membership with the Institute.

It does mean we expect you to prioritise the live sessions. It would be a bit awkward if you got an accreditation without putting in the work! Not to mention it would be a waste of money… 

In total, there is approximately 20 hours of “mandatory” learning over the 14 weeks, plus an additional 15 hours of optional learning to enhance your experience.

Live sessions

Each live session is between 2 and 3 hours and is hosted on Zoom. There are a total of 7 sessions and are every 2 weeks. They’re packed full of interesting content, psychology, neuroscience and practical exercises so there’s close to zero chance of you getting bored. Dare we say they’re actually pretty fun! 

Self coaching exercises 

In between each session you’ll be expected to invest between 20 and 30 minutes with a self coaching exercise. This might be to explore your values, understand your comfort zone or to gauge your team performance. All of these insights play a fundamental role in enabling you to show up as a Coachable leader and elevate your performance as a leader.

Additional resources

Throughout the experience we’ll share up to 15 hours of self-paced learning. This is totally optional for you to engage with but will give you plenty of resources for you to get your teeth into. This might include:

  • Read: A recommended book or piece of research
  • Listen: Podcast or audio recording to listen to
  • Watch: Video to watch e.g. a TedTalk
  • Do: Simple, practical actions you can take that’ll have immediate impact

Most people invest between 30 and 60 minutes on these additional resources, prioritising the topics that interest them most. But you’re in the driving seat to decide how much you want to invest here. 

Peer coaching

We hate roleplay. Yuck. But we do want you to put your skills into practice, so you’ll be paired up with someone else on the programme to have two peer coaching sessions over the course of the programme.

This is an opportunity to develop your coaching practice, but also to have a peer to soundboard ideas with, get clarity on challenges and overcome procrastination. Our alumni love these sessions! 

You value coaching!

This one’s a biggie; we probably should have put it first. As our name suggests, we believe in the transformative powers of coaching. It’s so much more than a skill; it’s a superpower! And it’s a superpower we want to enable you to use with your team. 

Our facilitation style is very much coaching-led and our philosophy is to enable you to over index on your coaching style of leadership. The research is overwhelming. Coaching your team will:

  • Improve their decision making capabilities
  • Build their confidence 
  • Foster higher levels of trust and psychological safety
  • Drive effectiveness and performance 
  • Encourage more innovation and team collaboration

Coaching is also bloody expensive. We get it. So Further is a double whammy: you get to develop as a leader - and your team get to benefit from you being able to coach them! 


So there you have it, that’s what you can expect from our Further programme. With a Net Promoter Score of 100 (yay!) and an average score of 9.2, our Coachable alumni rave about their experience.

Let Further be the game-changer for your professional development.

Drop us an email at if you’d like to have a confidential (and zero commitment) chat about whether Further is right for you.

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