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Designed and delivered by multi-award-winning executive coaches, Further is a 14-week leadership journey that'll transform the way you think and behave as a leader. Available for in-house teams or as a twice-yearly open programme, this journey will strengthen your coaching confidence and enhance your overall leadership skills.

Apply now to join our September 2024 Open Cohort for just £1,500 until the end of June. Or get in touch to find out more about delivering Further in-house from £10,000 per cohort of 8 people.

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Further is right for you if you want to:

  • Hone your authentic leadership style
  • Inspire and develop a team around you
  • Become a better coach-leader
  • Tackle the tough conversations with confidence
  • Grow your network of leaders in similar roles

Apply now

Now isn't the right time if:

  • You don't want to become a coach-leader
  • You can't commit to 30 hours of professional development over 14 weeks

What's en route?

It's personal

LQ Assessment and one-on-one coaching is included for the Open Programme.

It's interactive

7 x workshops, facilitated by our senior executive coaches every two weeks

It's networking

Learn alongside your peers or leaders from other tech and creative businesses

It's accessible

Delivered via Zoom, workshops are 2.5hrs and timezone friendly
(In-person available)

It's science-backed

Our resident neuroscientist keeps our content super relevant and interesting

It's learning your way

Read, watch or listen. Fifteen hours of self-study to suit your learning style

Your Further Roadmap

00: Commence

You'll be invited to complete your Leadership Intelligence Assessment (or LQ™️ as we like to call it). Once completed, you’ll meet your Coach-Facilitator for a one-on-one session to discuss the feedback and set your personal learning goals.

01: Conscious

The one where you learn to be a more conscious leader:
  • Define what makes an exceptional leader and how to adapt your style to different situations
  • Develop your self-management to help you choose and regulate the behaviours that have the impact you want

02: Coach

The one where you'll transform your listening skills and questioning skills:
  • Ignite your coaching mindset and transform your listening skills as a coach-leader
  • Practice powerful questions that help your team explore new possibilities and unlock creativity

03: Challenge

The one where you challenge and motivate others to grow:
  • Navigate the delicate balance of challenge and support to stretch comfort zones and optimise performance
  • Help others overcome limiting beliefs and set more motivating goals

04: Collaborate

The one where you'll encourage greater inclusion and innovation:
  • Foster psychological safety to encourage greater contribution and collaboration
  • Learn how to play the role of a team facilitator to build a culture of trust, openness, diversity of thought and positive challenge in a team

05: Candour

The one where you'll develop the confidence to tackle tough conversations:
  • Give and receive feedback using coach-level communication and conversation management
  • Understand the neuroscience behind defensive reactions, how to self regulate and help others do the same

06: Connect

The one where you'll develop your ability to lead change:
  • Develop your visionary leadership by starting with why and storytelling
  • Improve buy-in to your decision making and strategic communication

07: Celebrate!

The one where you’ll celebrate your achievements and plan ahead to the future
  • Reflect as a group on how your behaviours, skills and confidence have developed over the programme
  • Commit to your continued professional development in peer-to-peer coaching conversations

Continue the conversation

And if you’re hungry for more, you can join our community of alumni over on our Coachable Slack channel where you can continue to develop Further, share advice and learn from each other and take part in spontaneous coaching calls.

Peer-to-peer coaching sessions for additional practice
7 live sessions over 14 weeks
Institute of Leadership Accredited

Programme Snapshot

Apply Now

LQ Assesssment + one-on-one session with an executive coach
15 hours of additional micro-learning
Small group sessions of up to 12 people per group

Programme Snapshot

To graduate Further you'll need to have completed:
LQ Assessment + one-on-one session with an executive coach
7 live sessions over 14 weeks
Peer-to-peer coaching sessions for additional practive
15 hours of additional micro-learinng
£1,750 + VAT per person

Meet your coaches

Ally Jones headshot

Ally Jones

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Multi-award winning coach, facilitator and learning experience designer with 12 years of leadership experience. Now partnering with leaders from tech, fintech and creative industries. Exhausted parent. Wine drinker.

Liz Whitney headshot

Liz Whitney

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Executive Coach, Forbes Coaches Council member, Board advisor and facilitator with 22 years of experience in leadership and strategy roles. Now a coach to some of Europe's fastest-growing tech companies. Design lover. Mine’s a G&T.

What our alumni have said

Want to chat further?

Book in a call with us to talk through whether Further is right for you or your team

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How much does Further cost to join as an individual?

Further is an investment of £1750 + VAT for our Open Programme, which includes 30-hours of blended learning, including an LQ Assessment, live coach-led workshops, one-on-one coaching and self-study.

Can I have this programme delivered exclusively for our company?

Absolutely. Get in touch so we can chat cohort pricing and if you'd like to customise any of the elements. Investment starts at £10,000 for a cohort of 8 people.

Do I need to have direct reports to join the programme?

No. Although you'll already be in a position of leadership and responsible for a team's performance e.g. Project Manager or senior stakeholder.

What are the dates for your next open progamme?

Our Open Autumn Cohort starts in September and lasts 14 weeks with one session every two weeks. Dates and times (times are GMT for ease but you can join from wherever you are):

Conscious 01: Tue 10th Sept (14:00 - 16:30)
Coach 02: Tue 24th Sept (14:00 - 17:00)
Challenge 03: Tue 8th Oct (14:00 - 16:30)
Collaborate 04: Tue 22nd Oct (14:00 - 16:30)
Candour 05: Tue 5th Nov (14:00 - 16:30)
Connect 06: Tue 19th Nov (14:00 - 16:30)
Celebrate 07: Tue 3rd Dec (14:00 - 16:00)

Am I expected to participate in the sessions?

Yep. This is not a passive learning experience. You'll be expected to be present and participative throughout the programme. The more you put in, the more you'll get out.

I feel nervous about joining. Can I meet the rest of my cohort before the programme starts?

Please don't feel nervous. Everyone on the programme is looking to achieve the same thing: to be a more impactful leader. We'll introduce you to the other people in your cohort ahead of the first session.

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