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Five red flags of shitty bosses

June 28, 2023

Five Red Flags of Shitty Bosses

We all have our fair share of off days, but let's be real – no one wants to be labeled as a "shitty boss." In this blog post, we'll dive into some red flags that might indicate areas where we can improve our leadership game. So, put on your detective hats, and let's uncover the signs of ineffective leadership.


πŸ—£ Lack of clarity: TheΒ Confusion Culprit

We can often assume everyone else knows the same detail as us, skipping a few bits of context here and there and assuming the other person has caught the gist because they are politely nodding along. When clarity takes a nosedive, it leads to confusion, misunderstandings, and some seriously anxious team members who are too scared to ask more questions or move things along in case they get things wrong. To avoid this disaster, always start with 'why' and invite the other person to get as much context as they need with questions like 'what else would be helpful for me to share with you?'


πŸ›Ž Micromanagement: The Control Freak

Ah, the notorious micromanager! Imagine someone breathing down your neck, monitoring every tiny detail of your work. Yikes! Micromanagement stifles creativity, smothers autonomy, and turns team members into stressed-out robots. This is all about self management and learning to trust, within boundaries that feel safe for both of you. Let's give our teams some breathing room, trust their expertise, and watch their brilliance shine!


πŸ’” Poor conflict resolution: The Drama Avoider

We get it – conflicts are uncomfortable. But sweeping them under the rug creates a toxic work environment. Unresolved conflicts lead to underperformance and seriously mess-up team dynamics, not to mention damage your credibility with team members who think you're shying away from the tough stuff. So, instead of playing the "avoid and pretend it's all fine" game, let's tackle conflicts head-on. Have the adult to adult conversation. Prepare your feedback with care. It's time to embrace those uncomfortable conversations and find resolutions like true champs!


🎯 Lack of accountability: The Blame Game Mastermind

Oh, the blame game – it's like a never-ending loop of pointing fingers. That Spiderman meme comes to mind. When leaders fail to take responsibility for their actions and start blaming others left and right, it damages trust and kills any sense of ownership. So, how about we break free from this vicious cycle? Let's lead by example, own up to our mistakes, and create a culture of accountability where we all grow together.


πŸ‘€ Inconsistent or unfair treatment: The Unequaliser

Meet the unequaliser – the boss who plays favourites, applies different rules to different team members, and misses the mark on equal opportunities. When fairness takes a backseat, it breeds resentment and demotivation within the team. To avoid this slippery slope, let's strive for fairness, celebrate diversity, and create an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe and valued.


Now that we've uncovered these not-so-great boss traits, it's time to look in the mirror. How would you score yourself against these?

We're all human, and we've probably stumbled into one or more of these behaviors at some point. But awareness is the first step towards change and consistency is how we become brilliant bosses. So, let's nudge ourselves in the right direction, because nobody wants to be known as a "shitty boss."


Embrace the challenge, lead with a sprinkle of fun, and become the inspiring leaders our teams deserve.



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